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Version Date Link Release Notes
#6 26th August 2017 Partnership with Welsh Film Institute, matched funding. Intro to Mark Margason, Kris Smith and Tom Barker.
#5 24th August 2017 Business admin updates. Marketing push updates. Suggestion of extension of ICO period. Live on 27th Aug.
#4 17th August 2017 Preview of new website. Minor delays, but several new films being added. Advertising campaign plans.
#3 11th August 2017 Marketing strategy plans. New website design. Exciting meetings with producers. Bitcoin Cash & OmiseGo.
#2 28th July 2017 Registered Ltd company. Nightshoots. Buying coins. Special offer for pre-sale buyers. Producer meetings.
#1 18th July 2017 The first ever 7ypegeist email. Covers: pre-sale, buying equipment, updating references in early white paper.

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