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If you have a quick or urgent query, it is sometimes better to contact us via Twitter, which is faster and easier for us to access when travelling for films. Just type a tweet starting "@7ypecoin" and we will get a notification. We will follow you back, so you can send DMs, which are private, and can be longer or more detailed.


FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions:

We get quite a few messages asking the following questions, before contacting us, please read through these, it may save you time.

Can I still buy 7ype Coins?

The ICO has been extended until the end of the 7th October 2017, or until all coins are sold. You should be able to see a countdown at the top of this page with the time left to buy coins, and a counter to the right of this page with how many coins have currently been sold.

How do I buy 7ype coins? How much do they cost?

7ype Coins cost 0.1 ETH each, and can be bought by sending ETH from an ERC20 compatible Ethereum Wallet (like MyEtherWallet) to our address: 7ypecoin.eth or 0xe463d10ec6b4ff6a3e5be41144956116ca30d4c3. More:

Wait - what is Ether/Ethereum/ETH? And what is an ICO?

Ethereum is a decentralised computing platform featuring smart contracts, and Ether (ETH) is a cryptocurrency based on it. For more details see

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a way to raise capital by selling tokens tied to the value of the company, similar to a traditional company selling shares. See

Can I just buy using $, £, €, ¥ etc?

Sorry, no. There are many reasons we chose to use ETH only for this sale, its a combination of fairness in price for everyone (not linking to any one country's currency), traceability of all payments through the blockchain, and the fact that we can see if payments have been made, then transfer coins directly to your ETH address anonymously, without the need to ask for your name, email address or other personal details.

Of course, in the future when you spend your coins, we'll need to know the name that you want credited, or the address to send things to. But until then, you are free to remain completely anonymous if you wish.

Can I send you ETH via an exchange like Coinbase?

No, please send it from an ERC20 compatible wallet like MyEtherWallet. Though exchanges like Coinbase are great for easily buying and selling Ether, it is not recomended to store large amounts of Ether on them. If you send ETH to us from an exchange, we will not be able to send your coins to your address - and we may not even be able to contact you to let you know there is a problem, as Ethereum transactions are anonymous and we won't have an email address for you.

When will I recieve my 7ype Coins?

7ype Coins are usually sent within 24 hours. They are sent to the address that you initially paid with. If there are any delays in sending the coins, they will be mentioned on our Twitter Feed. You may not initially see the coins in your account, as some wallets require you to add a "custom token" to be able to see them listed. Full instructions are at

I sent you Ether, but I didn't recieve my 7ype Coins?

7ype Coins are usually sent within 24 hours. They are sent to the address that you initially paid with. If there are any delays in sending the coins, they will be mentioned on our Twitter Feed. You may not initially see the coins in your account, as some wallets require you to add a "custom token" to be able to see them listed. Full instructions are at

I have already bought some 7ype Coins, can I buy more?

Yes, of course! Thank you for your continued support. There is no limit to the amount of 7ype Coins that can be bought by any particular address.

How can I send money to "7ypecoin.eth" - what is a ".eth"?

A ".eth" is an ENS address. Some services such as MyEtherWallet allow you to send ETH to a shortened address, which is easier to read and remember. However, not all services are compatible with them. If you have any problem sending ETH to the shortened address, you can copy and paste the long address here: 0xe463d10ec6b4ff6a3e5be41144956116ca30d4c3

Will 7ype Coins be listed on Exchanges?

From the 27th of August 2017 we will be starting to contact all the common exchanges that trade ERC20 tokens, to ask them to list 7ype as a tradeable asset. Of course, we don't control these external websites, so have no choice over whether they chose to accept our submission or not.

On the negative side, we are a small coin with a very small cap, so there may not be the incentive for all sites to list 7ype Coins. However, on the plus side, a good amount of coins have already been sold, so this increases our chances, and there will be a definite "first mover advantage" to the first exchange to list them for trade, sale and exchange.

We will continue to actively pursue exchanges, and detailed updates of our progress will be given in our "7ypegeist" newsletters, which you can subscribe to at the bottom of this page.

Will 7ype Coins increase or decrease in value?

Nothing on this site or in our white paper should be considered investment advice. However, it is wise to point out that this is not a coin designed for a quick "pump and dump" profit, rather one where the coins have a "real world" value and actual practical use.

Whilst the business is new and we only have a small amount of lower budget films being made, it is likely that the coins will retain a relatively low value. However, as the business grows, the brand gets more widely recognised and the films become bigger budget and more ambitious, we are confident that in the long run the value will steadily increase, as more people will want to use them.

Remember also that all coins that you "spend" eventually get returned to you upon the release of each film, so its a cyclical investment and spending them in the short term does not mean that you can't sell them in the future, and keep your rewards! This means you can "hodl" them, whilst supporting and enjoying our films at the same time.

What are you going to do with the Ether raised in the ICO?

We would strongly recommend reading our white paper for a full breakdown of what we are trying to raise and how we will spend it, but a good summary would be to produce an ever growing amount of feature films, the profits of which will be used to grow the company and produce more films.

In theory, the amount of films we can make at once, and the budgets and scope of each film should get larger over time, with the aim to create a completely new, decentralised, open, honest and transparent way to fund, produce and distribute feature films.

What if you don't raise any/enough Ether?

You can see a summary of how much ETH we have already raised in the top right hand corner of all the pages on this site. We have already raised more than enough to make our first few films and start our slate. If we raise more before the ICO period is over, this will speed up the process and allow us to make more films and grow the business faster, however we have already raised far more than the minimum required, so there is no risk of not raising enough.

What can I spend my 7ype Coins on?

Coins can be spent to "support" films that you like the look of, in a similar way to how you would buy perks on a crowd-funding site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Depending on the project, you can buy limited edition DVDs, Blu-Rays, posters, scripts and other merchandise, or even get your name in the credits under "Thanks" and our "Special Thanks". Sometimes, tickets to screening events will be available. On some films, for a larger amount of coins you will be able to buy selected producer credits, or add a company logo branding to a film.

One big advantage of 7ype Coins over a crowd-funding donation is that once a film is released, you get your coins returned, either to be spent again, or to resell/exchange for someone else to use.

What if I spend all my coins - shouldn't I keep some to trade or resell in the future?

One big advantage of 7ype Coins over a crowd-funding donation is that once a film is released, you get your coins returned, either to be spent again, or to resell/exchange for someone else to use.

How do I know that you guys are capable of delivering your promises?

Samuel has been in the entertainment industry since 1997 and has worked with some of the biggest brands, celebrity names and companies in both the UK and USA. When you combine all our core team members, we have produced over 100 feature films with commercial releases. The first film on our slate is due to be released around a month after the close of the ICO, so there is little time to wait before you start to see results! You can find Samuel on IMDb and follow him on Twitter.

Where can I read your white paper and learn more?

The latest version of our white paper, along with archival copies of all previous versions are available at

I am a director/producer. Can I apply for funding from 7ype?

Yes, although new directors and producers to the slate can usually only initially apply for sub 5K funding to initially prove themselves as trustworthy and reliable. For details of how to apply to join our slate, please see:

Will 7ype help me distribute my (already complete) feature film?

As of right now, 7ype is not a distributor, as such. However, if you have a low/micro budget film that has failed to secure a commercial/wide release, we are in a good position to get it to a wider audience. You can submit your film to us at

I am an actor / supporting artist (extra). Can I work on your films?

There will be occasions when we will need supporting artists or actors, in both the UK and USA. We may eventually add a casting section to our site, but in the meantime, individual job postings will be posted on our Twitter Feed, and Star Now.

Does 7ype have any diversity / inclusivity policies?

It is true that the western film industry is unevenly weighted towards white, straight, male producers and directors. We actively encourage submissions from filmmakers from all backgrounds, denominations and minorities, and support projects strictly on a merit only basis. We are actively seeking partners from more diverse backgrounds to expand our slate.

What happens if Samuel has health problems and can't make films anymore?

Whilst Samuel is of huge value to this project, and is the mastermind behind 7ype, he is by no means the only producer or director using the slate to make films. No one person is bigger than the vision to introduce a new way to make a fairer, more honest, more transparent, and less centralised film industry. Mechanisms are in place for if Samuel is forced to retire in the future, and 7ype is here for the long run. Filmmakers using our slate are listed here and core team members are here.

Why was "Star Wars" removed from Coin Schedule and the white paper?

Samuel is somewhat of an ambassador for the Star Wars brand, having worked in a freelance capacity for Disney for many years, and having been involved with many Star Wars related events (a founder member of Force For Change, Official promo events at Hamleys, Season of the Force and Marathon promotions at Disneyland Paris etc.) and even had a small speaking role as "Blue Two / Torius Chord" in Rogue One... "Just let the girl speak!"

However, some ICO websites initially focused on this connection, for example Coin Schedule described him as "Rogue One actor Samuel Victor". On reflection, we did not want it to be perceived as trying to use the Star Wars brand to promote our independent project, as this may be misleading or break terms of NDAs/contracts, so we asked if "Star Wars actor" could be changed to "BAFTA recognised actor", and we updated the white paper to prevent this happening again.

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