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Our Films
So you're interested in our films? That's great! Here's all the films on our slate, including films that are
out now, current films to support with 7ype coins, and upcoming films that you can support in the future.
Current Films for your 7ype Coins:

Below are 10 films (7 and a Trilogy) that are in production, and planned for release within the next two years. You can support them right now by using your 7ype Coins and get bonus perks like limited edition DVDs, merchandise, premiere tickets and getting your name in the credits!

Girl Number 7


I'm Still Here

Live Justine

Boogaloo Exotica

Night of the Living Dead


UnSOCIAL: Trilogy
Films to watch: Out now!

This film is out NOW!
  Released 14th February 2018
 USA & Canada
 UK & Ireland
Q1 2018
Q1 2018
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As 7ype is a new company, this is our first release. Many more films are coming this year, including I'm Still Here in March, Girl Number 7 in April, and UnSOCIAL: Vol. 1 in May, and more listed below.

For more to watch now, we recommend these films from producers and directors on our slate.

The Last Scout


Viking Legacy

Invasion Earth


Hooligans at War
More Films, Coming Soon:

We have 26 films currently on our slate. You can currently use your coins to support the 10 films above, which are all scheduled for release soon. For details on the titles you will be able to support in the near future, click the links below to expand them.

Set Me Free (Volumes 1 & 2): Category #1 - $5,000 Drama

A troubled young woman runs away from home, unaware from the outside world that she has been missing and presumed dead for 20 years. Unique two part drama written and directed by Kris Smith.

Better Things: Category #2 - $25,000 Comedy, Horror

A comedy, with a shocking horror twist, written by Mark Margason, and directed by Kris Smith.

Suspect: Category #3 - $100,000 Crime Drama, Thriller

A gripping crime drama, another ingenious script from Mark Margason, who also directs.

Static: Category #2 - $25,000 Horror

A terrifying horror film set in the 90s, based on the hidden truth behind the static on CRT televisions and the real "memory" of VHS tapes.

Cipher: Category #3 - $100,000 Action, Thriller

An American action thriller from talented young writer director Matthew Murphy.

Underground: Category #2 - $25,000 Suspense, Thriller

A claustrophobic thriller surrounding a London Underground train which breaks down in a dark tunnel, and the "coincidences" that bind the people trapped in the carriage.

Goethe's Faust: Category #3 - $100,000 Drama

Based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust, with a modern retro aesthetic, similar to Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet.

Reynard City: Category #4 - $500,000 Animation, Superhero

Feature Length animation in the style of a Saturday Morning Cartoon special, based on the surreal, cult, long-running web-comic about Super Hero Foxes, written and directed by author Will Turner.

He Said, She Said: Category #4 - $500,000 Teen Comedy

Raucous American teen comedy in the tradition of American Pie, with a kick ass pop-punk soundtrack, and star turns from a major Disney Star and an American comedy legend, TBA.

Captain Superb: Category #6 - $5,000,000 Superhero, Comedy

An ironic anti-superhero film in the style of Kick Ass and Deadpool, starring Captain Superb, Ghost Cat, and Flamingo Storm teaming up against the dastardly Duke Neutron. Based on a forthcoming (soon to become cult) graphic novel.

By Any Other Name: Category #7 - $10,000,000 Animation, Dark Comedy

A mix of live action and full animation, similar to Roger Rabbit, but with a very dark subject matter, which brings to mind Natural Born Killers.

Girl Number 8 (& 9): Category #2 - $25,000 Horror, Thriller

The sequel to Girl Number 7, in the same universe with the same themes, but a higher budget and bigger production values, potential for trilogy or franchising.

More Films, In Development:

These films are in active development, but not yet counted towards our 23 film slate total, as they are in early pre-production development phases.

  • Untitled Sci-Fi Trilogy
  • Untitled "Jurassic" Film
  • Untitled Tom Barker project
  • Untitled Justin Kerrigan project
  • Untitled Mark Price project
  • Untitled James Plumb project

Short Animated Films:

These films are not counted towards our slate, as they are not feature length, but are short animations, produced as part of development for features.

  • Mysterious Moon
  • A Furry Beary Holiday
  • Matilda, Little Liar

More on Films:

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