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Girl Number 7
Girl Number Seven is the terrifying, critically acclaimed debut of writer-director Chris Petropoulos.
Screened at 7 festivals Worldwide to rave reviews, we are releasing the film to VOD, Blu-Ray & DVD.
Girl Number 7
Not So Lucky Sevens.

Genre: Horror, Thriller Director: Chris Petropoulos
Length: Approx. 75 mins Producer: Rebekah Smith, John Adams, Samuel Victor
Origin: Greece, Serbia Writer: Chris Petropoulos

Selected Cast
Fanis Katrivesis, Danijela Radovanovic & Chris Petropoulos.

  Coming Soon   Category: #1, $5000 max

About the Film:

Fanis and Maria have been speaking online, and their first real life date will be a romantic road trip through the Greek mountain roads, to a remote, candle-lit cabin in the woods. Fanis records their whole journey with his camcorder, to remember their first moments. But both Maria and Fanis are hiding dark secrets from each other, and they may both be in great danger, for two very different, parallel reasons. A deeply disturbing psychological horror, with no easy answers, which will stick with you long after first viewing.

First distributed on limited release in its native Greece as "Subconscious", debuting to rave reviews, this new remastering will be the first wide release, and the start of an original new horror franchise.

Sam's Note:

This is an incredible film. I first saw it at a festival, and it really sticks with you. I kept thinking about the film and knew it had to be part of the 7ype line up. Whilst most films in the "found footage" style are very simple and can sometimes feel disjointed, this film is perfectly structured, with real progression through locations and set pieces and the dialogue slowly reveals an intricate plot that always keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat. It also avoids the usual trap of shakey camera work and delivers an artful, beautiful film, whilst retaining the realism of a real time "tape".

Considering the fact that it has screened at 7 festivals and played well with audiences including the UK, USA, Canada and beyond, it is a no-brainer to make it our first release to go fully worldwide. We already have offers to distribute in UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany and Japan, and we will be translating it into as many languages as possible and aiming for a wide release. We have already negotiated to make a higher budget sequel, and hope that this will be the humble start of a successful horror series!

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