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I'm Still Here
I'm Still Here is a gripping romance drama from critically acclaimed director Kris Smith, starring
Dan Burman (The Human Centipede 2), Rebecca Bailey (Man in the Mirror) and Lucy Russell (Genius)
I'm Still Here

Make Every Second Count.

Genre: Drama, Romance Director: Kris Smith
Length: Approx. 115 mins Producer: John Atkins, Joseph Betts, Chelsea Matin, Kris Smith
Origin: England Writer: Kris Smith

Selected Cast
Dan Burman, Rebecca Bailey, Joanna Pope, Chris Szuca, Marie Wilson, Steve While & Lucy Russell   Category: #1, $5000 max
About the Film:

Suffering from a terminal illness, a young loner makes plans for the little time he has left while coping with the five stages of death: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Sam's Note:

This is an easy film to recommend, and we're very lucky to have it on our slate. Coming from the exceedingly talented writer and director Kris Smith, this is a gripping drama which covers illness in a very human way, and has a beautiful romance interplaying perfectly with the tragedy. Masterfully acted by Dan Burman, (known for The Human Centipede 2) and Rebecca Bailey (Man in the Mirror), and with a stunning supporting role from Lucy Russell (Genius, The Syndicate, Doctors), I am proud to be helping this film get its first wide release via home video and VOD streaming.

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