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Invasion Earth
Looking for a film to watch whilst waiting for the latest 7ype release? No problem! Why not check out
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Invasion Earth

Mankind's Final Stand

Genre: Sci-Fi Director: James Twyman
Length: Approx. 106 mins Producer: Steven M. Smith, S. Victor
Origin: United Kingdom Writer: James Twyman

Selected Cast
Tony Fadil, Steven M. Smith, Jon-Paul Gates, Charlotte Gould, Cameron Bell , Phoebe Delikoura, Nigel Thijs & Darren J. King

  Category: #3, $100,000 max
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About the Film:

We follow a group of addicts who attend therapy together to avoid being sent to prison as a TV journalist tries to expose the group as a scam. However, all of their lives are thrown into chaos with the beginning of an alien invasion.

Important Note:

This film is not one funded by 7ype or on the 7ype slate. It is a project made previously by one or more of our filmmakers, as a recomended watch whilst waiting for forthcoming 7ype releases.

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