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The Perfect Love Song
The Perfect Love Song was Samuel Victor's first feature film as writer and director back in 2009.
It was awarded two BAFTA Bursaries, and screened at the British Film Institute for Valentines Day.
This film is out NOW!
  Released 14th February 2018
 USA & Canada
 UK & Ireland
Q1 2018
Q1 2018
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The Perfect Love Song
Love, a song composed by laughter, tears, and friendship.

Genre: Romcom, Musical Director: Samuel Victor
Length: Approx. 115 mins Producer: Jac Jones, Jill Thompson
Origin: England, Wales Writer: Samuel Victor

Selected Cast
Jennie Shotton, Baz Salam, Johnny Lynch, Patrick Moorhouse, Mark Margason, Maria Shilliam, Claire-Louise Catterall, Yasmin Turner, Lucy-Ann Buckingham & Samuel Victor   Category: #1, $5000 max

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About the Film:
Jonathan "J.J." Jones (Samuel Victor) is a music producer at the top of his game. Women throw themselves at him, but J.J. has given up on love, tired of the clichés that he writes for multi-platinum songs. With his madcap manager (Baz Salam) living a hilarious playboy lifestyle on his friend's success, and rival record label boss (Patrick Moorhouse) hiring wannabe gangsters (Johnny Lynch, Mark Margason) to topple his musical empire, J.J. can no longer cope, and escapes to the only place he can be alone, a deserted beach he remembers from childhood. There he meets Kayleigh (Jennie Shotton) - a young lady from a broken home, who helps him write a new love song, learning what's really important in life, friends, family, and true love.

Sam's Note:
It feels fitting to re-release TPLS as the first film on 7ype - this was the first feature film I ever wrote and directed, back in 2008/9. It is incredibly low budget, essentially made as a learning experience, and subsequently has a few technical issues here and there, our newer films are of a far higher quality! But there is certainly something charming about this story, and the film was awarded two development BAFTA bursaries, and was screened by the British Film Institute for Valentines Day, and it seems to play well with audiences. Of particular note is the excellent and varied soundtrack, and I'm glad more people will be able to hear it, as I know many will enjoy these songs. The film has seen a limited cinema and DVD release in the UK, but this will be the first time its available in other countries, and the first time for HD Streaming and Blu-Ray.

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