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UnSOCIAL: Trilogy
UnSOCIAL is a trilogy of tech-based thriller films for Amazon Prime streaming and retail DVD / Blu-Ray.
The logical extension of films like Unfriended and Chatroom, this is a wild set of gripping teen thrillers.
UnSOCIAL: Trilogy

The Internet Never Forgets.

Genre: Horror, Thriller Director: Samuel Victor
Length: 3 films, x70 mins each Producer: Mark Margason
Origin: Wales, France Writer: Samuel Victor

Selected Cast
Mark Margason, Samuel Victor, Matthew Murphy, Jozsef Krajcsirik, William Thomas, Scott Rollinson, more TBA

  Coming Soon   Category: #1, $5,000 max (Vol. #1)
About the Film:

This is a unique experimental trilogy of thriller/horror films for streaming via Amazon Prime in the UK and USA, with a Blu-Ray and DVD retail release also already secured. The films star mostly unknown but talented young actors in their first lead roles, and is bound to make stars of them all! Based around internet chats and social media, the films play out in a similar way to Unfriended and Chatroom but with some unexpected twists.

Sam's Note:

These three films offer a cool opportunity for 7ype coin holders to support either one, or all three films at a discounted rate. I have a lot of experience with Internet based thrillers, having written and directed Live Justine (also on our 7ype slate), and worked on Hideo Nakata's Chatroom with Aaron Johnson and the deeply stylish introduction sequence to Demons Never Die. This is a joint venture with the Welsh Film Institute to give some talented Welsh film students an opportunity for their first lead roles, and the use of comparitively unknown teens will only help the "live" and "found footage" style shots feel even more real.

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